Amelia Hankin
Artist Statement:

The debris of plastic containers, washed up bags, and broken knick knacks invade my space and the otherwise green landscape. Moments of quiet are interrupted by the grumbling of a motor boat and turbulence of a plane. I’m on Theodore Roosevelt Island to collect material for my latest body of work. By picking up new material, I delve into the unknown breaches of a project that begins as a wispy thought and evolves into tangible work. It’s work that explores natural patterns found in otherwise banal objects: decaying rope, piles of brush, and spring leaves. By focusing on the visual patterns around me, I filter out the noise of humanity and investigate the quiet details of objects that are passed over but very much present in our daily lives. Back in the studio, I carefully observe the patterns left on the surfaces of these objects. Patterns that show the wear of time, exposure to the elements, and erosion of the surface. Through the process of drawing, screenprinting, and painting, I recreate the textures and surfaces into patterns I own. The natural elements of the objects serve as a subtle reminder of the connections between ourselves, our environment, and the microcosmic forces that have a very tangible effect on our day-to-day interactions. I hope my work will not only serve as a reminder of the omniscient in ourselves; but of our environment contributing to and shaping our collective and individual self-perception.