Amelia Hankin
Lachesis' Order: Current ProjectInternal Structures: Paintings, Woodblocks, and Screenprints from 2008-2015Internal Structures: Drawings from 2008-2015Archive
Artist Statement:

Superstitious beliefs are ingrained in my everyday routine. These beliefs trace back to childhood, where innocently believing the “what if” of stepping on a crack in the sidewalk or opening an umbrella indoors carried consequences. Though I’m aware of the irrationality of this thought process, I’m not willing to disregard the compulsion to adhere to the warning. When does an innocent act of avoiding walking under a ladder, for instance, transcend into obsessive behavior? When does it become unhealthy? I grapple with these questions within my own psyche, but also know the universality of human nature is to need order and control - often manifested in belief structure and ritual.
My recent body of drawings relates to an overall series of work that explores the idea of superstition in relation to compulsion. In the drawings, I repeat the forms of otherwise banal objects: feathers, scissors, folded paper, and umbrellas. The feathers act as dreamcatchers and the folded papers form “fortune tellers,” a childhood game that supposedly predicts the future. The objects are given weight through the context in which they’re imagined, acting as relics that symbolize birth, regeneration, and death. The overall series of drawings is a nod to forces out of my control that can influence or impact the everyday.
This piece, along with a majority of my work is meant to serve as a subtle reminder of the connections between ourselves, our environment, and the microcosmic forces that have a very tangible effect on our day-to-day interactions. I hope my work will not only serve as a reminder of the omniscient in ourselves; but of our environment contributing to and shaping our collective and individual self-perception.